Stephane is amazing!   

We knew that Stephane of was a truly amazing surf and landscape photographer - and we were blown away with his ability to capture our wedding day and beautiful scenery as well! He went above and beyond - literally, climbing over rocks and up and down hills in the Valley of Fire State Park - to capture our day and the photos are amazing! Stephane is creative and patient and is willing to try different things to get great shots, as well as get any specific photos that you want. If you book with him, you will not regret it!


Dr Cameo B


Amazing Photographer = Perfect Photos = Happy Wife = Happy Life   

Wedding photos are something that you and your family will be able to cherish and treasure for the rest of your life. Stephane has given us a beautiful collection of our wedding that will let us re-live the day for the rest of our lives and beyond.

Stephane was very professional and met with us multiple times before the shoots to make sure the photos would come out the way we wanted them to. He was very personable, friendly and extremely easy to work with. My bride and I are not people who are usually comfortable in front of the camera. However, Stephane was able to relax us and coach us to the point where the photos looked effortless and natural.

Also, throughout the whole process, Stephane would contort, squish, climb; you name it (without regard for his own body!) to get the most perfect photo for that moment. I was surprised to see it at first but he truly is able to capture the essence of wedding with his unique angles and style.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stephane to friends or family and am confident he will make many people very happy by capturing your most special moment.

Thanks Stephane!


Stephane captured it all!  

We were so thrilled to have Stephane as our photographer. He has consistently captured photos of us throughout the years. He is always our first choice for all of our photography needs because of his professionalism, punctuality, and ability to anticipate the needs of our family. We look forward to many more shoots with Stephane as our family grows!

Dr Kels.


Wonderful wedding pictures   

Stephane and Julie provided excellent service. They are both very friendly and were very professional. My husband and I were very happy with the photos, we had detailed pictures taken of the rings, details of the ceremony, and details of the reception.The pictures had turned out wonderfully. We had a hard time picking which photos to develop, so we decided that we are going to develop all of them!

Madison and John.


Simply amazing!!!    

So unbelievably talented!! Stephane is simply the best! Through his expertise and gift of creativity, Stephane is able to capture the essence of the moment. He effortlessly made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera! Our gorgeous wedding photos will serve as an amazing reminder of how special our day truly was! We can't thank you enough, Stephane!



Perfect work!!    

Our wedding pictures are my favorite thing to reflect on. Stephane did an absolutely incredible job and was wonderful to work with as well. He was punctual, professional, friendly, and has a song eye for what he does. You won't be disappointed.


Just what I wanted!!!    

O and I got married at the beautiful Lanikuhonua in July 2013 and Stephane was our wedding photographer extraordinaire!!

Neither the Hun nor I are very into posing for pictures (too awkward and self-conscious)! We also wanted to enjoy our reception with our guests and much preferred candid shots of the evening.

Stephane was very attentive to our wishes and flexible in his approach in order to make sure we still had amazing pictures of our wedding. He encouraged us to interact naturally with each other for the photos (rather than going for traditional poses) and they turned out amazing and true to our personalities!!!

Because of his experience as a nature photographer, I think he is especially skilled at capturing outdoors events, and taking full advantage of the light and the beauty of the surroundings.

I wholeheartedly recommend him!!!!


Amazing pictures of our wedding   

The pictures were incredible; Stephan's work is so beautiful that we are really proud to display the pictures in our home and, of course, on our various social media profiles. He was fun to work with, and helped us have our most valuable keepsakes from our wedding.


Unforgettable Photos -- Unparalleled Photographer   

If I could climb to the highest mountaintop, summit Everest, just to shout from the peak for the world to hear… Stephane is the greatest photographer there is. Hands down. End of Story. Accept no substitutes. Honestly, there are no hyperboles to accurately describe not only how professional, kind, caring, and creative Stephane is… but also how incredible his work and passion pour out in every shot. If you want your most precious defining moments forever preserved and elevated to the level of art, look no further. He made our most important day better, he found the beauty and poetry in the subtlest moments and gestures. I almost want to get married again just so he can take more photos!

The perfect photographer. The perfect photos. For the perfect day. If you want anything less than perfection… look elsewhere.


Best day with the best photographer   

What can I say? Stephane is AMAZING!

He spent so much time with us before the wedding, talking through what our vision was for our photos. He brought an unparalleled level of creativity and professionalism to his work...and he exudes such a humble, calming spirit while he does it! He is willing to go above and beyond for his clients!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend his services to anyone!

Dr T K

Stephane is da bomb   

Stephane was awesome for our wedding. My wife and I chose a non-traditional location - out in the desert in the Valley of Fire State Park and Stephane was totally willing to be along for the ride. He was climbing all over the place and trying to get as many artistic shots as possible - which worked for us since we had chosen that location because of its natural beauty and landscape. Stephane is just a really great guy and very talented photographer, and he is willing to go above and beyond to capture the day. I am a photographer as well so I am probably more picky than most about quality photos. Plus I don't typically like to be in pictures so the fact that we were having fun in front of the camera was huge and all because Stephane did such a great job helping us to feel comfortable. Thanks Stephane!

Chris Stanick.